Video: Life Choices

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A video about women and girls with disability's rights to make their own choices about every aspect of their lives.
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Video Transcript:

[Title on screen reads, ‘Life Choices’]

[Our Site logo]

[Text on screen reads, ‘Women and girls with disability have the right to make their own decisions about every part of their lives’]

[Emily in her wheelchair]


So once I left the rehab and I got back to living in the community I realised that I still can do lots of different things and I still have lots of friends. I just have to do things a little bit differently. I'm now out of hospital and enjoying life.

[Text on screen reads, ‘This includes our healthcare, where and who we choose to live with and how we save and spend our money’]


So we went from the Department of Human Services and the house was built for our needs, for Troy and I. So over the years a lot has changed, health-wise, for both of us and they've just come back in and made modifications to our needs.


I've had friends that have lived in institutions most of their life. They don't choose to live where they live. They don't choose to live who they live with. They don't get to choose their own clothes or choose to eat the food that they're given.

[Judy is in her forties]

[Text on screen reads, ‘We are the experts in our own lives’]

[Twenty something Kalena]


A good support worker would be someone who lets you do what you want to do and they don't take over, so that we can do the things that we want to do.


Well, people without disabilities, they show that they can do everything, right, and then people with disabilities, we have our talent and our own ways and in some ways, people without disabilities judge us but I strongly want people without disabilities that there's really nothing wrong with us. We have our own talents. I just want to make sure that people don't judge in the background of what we can or can't do.

[Text on screen reads, ‘Learn more at Our Site’]

[The logo for Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA)]

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