All of my love for you

WWDA Youth Picks
Hannah Allen
Graphite, beads, sequins, wire and acrylic on paper


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The Artist

I am a self taught artist who has created a fantastical dreaming land to help transcend my reality of living with a disability. In my art-abundance, wonder and faith are paramount-serving to communicate hope and celebrate the blessings I have been given in my life.

Artist Statement

This work carried a multitude of emotions for me. The deep delight and solace my parents-the sitters- have brought to my life is indescribable, and the intricate beading serves to encapsulate the shimmering wholeness the emit to me. The painstaking graphite reminisces the consistent and sturdy foundation they provide.

My hope is this work celebrates them and serves as a reminder the joy relationships like this bring to our lives. It is both a snapshot and a never-ending wish I can return the abundant love they have blessed me with.