"Be Seen, Be Heard"

WWDA Youth Picks
Kylie Wright
Acrylic on Canvas, with eal guitar strings attached


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The Artist

I am 57 years old, living in Tasmania. I grew up and spent my life, until the age of 46, in Brisbane Queensland. I only started singing at the age of 49 and now perform publicly at music events. I commenced painting at the age of 56 (July 2020) during the time of pandemic lock down and my own personal lock down due to immunity compromise post chemo. I have suffered mental ill health, as well as general ill health and injury over the past 30 years resulting in my becoming disabled due to muscular/skeletal dysfunction and peripheral neuropathy,  and aggravation of skeletal  birth defects. Music and painting keep me  focused  on what is important. I am also an elected Councillor on  our local council of "Break O'Day" in north east Tasmania. I am married, with 2 adult sons, 3 adult step  sons and 1 adult step daughter, as well as being the step grandmother of 11.

Artist Statement

I have titled my  work “Be Seen, Be Heard.” My  artwork is about using the two forms of art which I love, practice and publicly perform and share, being both music and painting.

To demonstrate the theme “We Can All Be Leaders”, I have used inspiration by Vincent Van Gogh, as Van Gogh was a long sufferer of (lesser  understood disability in his day) mental  health, and it is said  that  many of his many of his famous works were likely to have been painted  whilst he was in the asylum. Vincent did not become known during his life, as the leader he later became posthumously. It is believed he sold only one painting during his lifetime, though he painted over 900.

He is certainly seen in  modern times as a great leader of his field, though it seems he may have sadly died,  believing himself to be a failure.

I have  used the inspiration of scenes from 7 different van Gogh paintings, to illustrate diversity in leadership.