Beyond Invisibility

Over 18's
Marla Bishop (and Sam Makin)
Mixed medium photograph


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The Artist

Marla Bishop is an agender, disabled fine art photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

Marla aims to celebrate the voiceless through their artwork. They work with people from the LGBTQIA+ community to produce inclusive and collaborative work to promote visibility and awareness of those who are marginalised within society. Marla’s work also stems into plus sized and disabled models in order to give opportunities to those who may not receive them to become a work of art and have their stories told in a visually expressive way. The purpose of their art is to allow people from marginalised groups to be seen and heard, and give them the power to be seen authentically.

Sam Makin (they/them) is a chronically ill agender asexual artist living and working in the suburbs of Adelaide. They work across several niches from VFX, to graphic design, to pet portraiture. They have a passion for animals, activism, and good dumplings.

Artist Statement