Birds eye view of an Autistic World

Eireann Wood
Acrylic, glitter and Posca pen on canvas board


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The Artist

I am a fifteen year old Autistic girl with left hemiplegic cerebral palsy from Canberra - I have begun my home education journey this year so that I can direct my learning experiences at my own pace and in a way that will me up for a future that I can be proud of! I am a Paralympic classified athlete in track and field as well as swimming - I am currently training and helping to mentor younger children with CP in the new Paralympic sport of Frame Running. I love to sing, dance and act as a member of the Australian Girls Choir, and one day would love to be on the stage or screen!

Artist Statement

I was introduced to visual arts earlier this year through the Messengers Program and I quickly found that I really loved to express myself through the medium of acrylic paint and Posca pens. I use colour to express my emotions and sometimes I just splat them all out on paper, or my arm or canvas, whatever is handy at the time. My artwork for this submission was completed in hospital in July this year. It shows how crazy busy the world seems to me as an Autistic person. The darker patches represent when I am not feeling seen or heard - overlooked by society and its inability to take a step back and realise how easy it would be to accommodate my needs. The clouds and stars represent my dreams and aspirations to some day be on the stage or screen - I love acting and singing!