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WWDA Youth Picks
Chloe Wigg
Fluid Acrylic and Resin on Wooden Panel


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The Artist

Working from her studio in South East Queensland, Chloe Wigg brings her passion for life into her art. Her career began in hospital based art therapy programs and YouTube videos. She has gone on to pioneer the fluid impressionist style and had multiple solo exhibits across SEQ. Chloe lives with three rare diseases: Myasthenia Gravis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Through her art Chloe hopes to raise awareness about her respective conditions and to educate others about inclusivity.

You can find out more about Chloe and her story at www.chloewigg.com or on socials @chloewiggart

Artist Statement

As a fluid impressionist, Chloe Wigg creates intricate, evocative paintings from layers of poured acrylic paint. Her art is a celebration of the wonder of everyday life, as seen through the lens of someone with an invisible disability.

Like life, her art is uncomplicated and striking from afar, but only on closer inspection do you uncover the joy and beauty in the details. Her fluid, lineal movements and sophisticated variance in tone draws viewers in, encouraging introspection and playful curiosity.

Chloe’s work challenges us to shift our perspectives, see beauty in the bigger picture and find solace in the smaller details.