Desert Dive

Highly Commended Entrants Across all Categories
Casey Gray
Photography and the various coloured dirts and minerals of Broken Hill


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The Artist

Casey (she/her) who is a proud gay woman with psychosocial disability who is a passionate disability advocate who really focuses all my energy on staying well and promoting the quality of life of humans everywhere, though particularly advancing the rights and inclusion of our communities. I love all and get excited by all kinds of art but especially get excited by art created by people who think differently from the mainstream society because it is often harder to find!

Artist Statement

Photography is a kind of meditation for me, less about the outcome and more about the process of doing. I'm not at any pint attached to achieving an outcome, which gives me the opportunity to be in the moment while I am in the process of 'doing' which is when the mind and all that troubles it seems to disappear and all these new doors creative doors open as you explore colours or textures or whatever the theme maybe. There are also the moments where I stop and literally see the world through a 'new lens', approaching the world from different angles and learning things about myself in the process. It also encourages me to get out of the house on days when I otherwise wouldn't!

In this creative photographic meditation the idea was simply to capture the different colours of the earth and minerals while on a trip to Broken Hill and slowly through process I was getting covered in the material which led me to literally take a mud bath as pictured.