Fly In, Fly Out Truth

Cleo Patra
Acrylic on canvas


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The Artist

I'm an aspiring artist with Cerebral Palsy and residing in Queensland. I commenced with painting in May 2017. I'm still in the experimenting phase, and enjoy experimenting with everything I can. My artwork is abstract, and some of my artwork is and will be very dark. I had a very dark past, and through my artwork, I want to convey and inspire other individuals with disabilities to become artists no matter what the general opinions are about them. My message to other individuals with disabilities is. Don't let anyone define you because of your disability. Rather, let your disability inspire you to reach and touch the “impossible!” Remember, YOU define yourself, not your disability!

Artist Statement

I created Fly In, Fly Out Truth due to the fact that I endured sexual abuse from my intimate family circle for 37 years. Although everyone knew about the abuse, everyone pretended they did not know.  With my artwork I want to focus the viewer's attention on the fact that domestic violence occurs against individuals with disabilities and it is time that all of us stop hiding it and shred light on this atrocious event!