Nektaria Renfree
Digital Artwork


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The Artist

Nektaria is a curious multimedia artist based in Melbourne, and a passionate disability advocate. Nektaria temporarily lost her vision in 2006 due to optic neuritis, an MS symptom. From this point on, her practice deepened and inspired her to keep exploring colour and shape in her work and never to take her sight for granted. In 2009, Nektaria was the recipient of MS Australia’s ‘Go For Gold’ Arts Scholarship for her work on her sustainable label Atomic of Melbourne Project. This work is about taking ordinary discarded objects and repurposing them into unique pieces. In 2017, Nektaria began exploring other art mediums, like painting and collage work. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions, and in the Art Access Learning Catalogue. In 2019 Nektaria was a part of the “Visible/Invisible” Project produced by the City of Moreland and Arts Access Victoria, an awareness raising campaign harnessing art as a vehicle to raise awareness of invisible disability.  

Artist Statement

A head and shoulders portrait of a woman rendered with black thick brush strokes on white background. The look is intense with the eyes looking directly at you and her hair fills the image frame, her earrings are elaborate and large.