Leading with Vision

Under 18's
Jennaveve Mulherin
Painting - multimedia. Acrylic Paint on Canvas + Water Colour + Modelling Paste + Charcoal + Pastel Highlighters


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The Artist

Hi, my name is Jenna. I am a genderfluid 18 year old from Moruya on the South Coast of NSW. I spend most of my time reading, painting, and listening to music. My condition developed just after my 16th birthday. It is called IIH which is short for idiopathic intracranial hypertension. This has led to me losing the majority of my sight and having many other medical obstacles.

I have overcome many obstacles such as missing out on the majority of my teen years and age-related rites of passage. I have had to learn and adapt to my new medical condition as well as the difficulties I face as a young adult. I used Art to get me though hospital stays and the huge changes in life. I now use my Art to tell my story and help others learn about my rare condition.

Artist Statement

I use my artwork as a way to express my feelings and get all my emotions out. It is mindful therapy. I create drawings, paintings, and clay sculptures. I use lots of different mediums such as charcoal, acrylic paint, lead pencils, modelling paste, collage, water colour and mosaic. I would call myself an experimental artist who uses mixed media, combining mediums to create art and tell a story.

I incorporate texture of some form in all of my artwork to ensure that if I lose more of my sight in the future I and others with vision impairments can always access and enjoy my art. I use my art to tell stories in an easily accessible way. From the story of my illness and recovery to leadership and making a difference. I create Artwork to help myself and others see a brighter future and to develop and discover their love and passion of Art.