Listening to the wind

Tabitha Lean
Acrylic on corflute


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The Artist

I am a Gunditjmara woman, born and raised on Kaurna country. As a First Nations woman I am blessed to have my mother's stories and the blood of all the women before me coursing through my veins. It is in their honour, that I centre their unique knowledges, and privilege their voices and stories in all my work.

Artist Statement

This painting is separated into three domains, representing the past, present and the future – the three times zones that we exist within. All of those time frames converge and interact as dynamic features of our everyday life. The three time zones all lead back to community, shown in the painting as a gathering of knowledge keepers to whom I will always be accountable. This accountability reminds me that leadership is conferred conditionally and must be constantly earned. The travelling lines of people separating the three time zones represent a network of influential people with shared responsibilities and an interconnectedness which create a leadership nation. All leaders exist on the same horizontal plane as those who confer authority on us.

Both the past and the future create a dynamic flow of knowledge deeply rooted within country, reminding us of our responsibility to the maintenance of law, knowledge and tradition. The present remains connected to country with each pattern ma