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Anna Angel
Digitally manipulated photography


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The Artist

Marigoldmakesmistakes is a queer, non-binary, disabled, self-taught, beginner artist, who creates and shares work as a form of exposure therapy. They explore themes such as living with mental illness and chronic illness, the self and consciousness, gender and sexual expression, through digital and mixed media pieces.

Artist Statement

This piece was one of the first in a series on patterns found in nature that I used to help me work through the challenges of 2020.

As someone living with OCD, I am constantly seeing patterns and potential threats in everything. I have always been drawn to the reverence of religion, too, because of moral scrupulousity, a subtype of OCD. As I have grown into myself, I now identify as a pagan, in that my religion is reverence for nature itself, and the intricate systems above and below ground.

This type of digital manipulation allows me to reconstruct nature as a entity worthy of our worship, awe and care. At the same time, I can represent the complex web of responsibility and interconnected trains of thought that typify OCD through the process of rotating and mirroring a photo I took on a walk through a forest, over and over again until it is unrecognisable.