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Over 18's
Tracey McGeehan
Acrylic on canvas


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The Artist

I use acrylic paint on canvas paper.  This form of art is liberating to say the least for me. Its a form of mindfulness and takes me to a colorful world where creativity is at the forefront of my painting brush.  There are no limitations present during the painting process for me. My disability vanishes into thin air and sound is not a pre-requisite to create my painting worlds.  I use lots of color in my painting works as a sign of hope and I like to choose topics that hopefully generate little seeds of thoughts about disability and empowerment.  

I like colorful paintings. I like paintings that are not detailed. Too often I find paintings that are detailed, the message gets lost.  I am from Wangaratta, Northeast Victoria, Australia.

Artist Statement

This picture portrays hope and overcoming issues in a way that is unique to these children.  Looking in my backyard I can see leadership in so many ways. I can see the world can be colorful, bright, hopeful and accessible if creativity is encouraged.  Growth of a  leader , to me,  reminds me with a beginning of  planting an apple tree and nurturing the tree through the changes of weather (accessibility issues) and seeing the fruits (rewards of overcoming issues) of that tree.  These two children in the painting have planted this apple tree and despite their individual access issues, the tree is blossoming and giving them fruit.