WWDA Youth Picks
Tahira Kelly
Indigenous dot painting - Acrylic ,Canvas


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The Artist

I'm a 24 year old Indigenous women living independently with cerebral palsy, in a regional town in WA called Geraldton. On a weekly basis I enjoy participating in activities such as playing wheelchair basketball, doing art and craft, cooking for a weekly fundraiser and spending time with friends and family. A recent achievement of mine that I am proud of was having one of my art pieces selected for the Geraldton 2021 Bollards Project. My goal is to continue doing art and potentially accomplish greater achievements.

Artist Statement

I am a young up and coming Indigenous artist who has a passion for this style of  art as it is a tradition that has been handed down to me by my Grandmother. Over the years my main style of art has been acrylic dot paintings, but recently I have been experimenting by attempting pouring art. Art is apart of my culture and its traditions that I want to share and continue to celebrate. When I do dot paintings I like to tell a story or idea by usually having a main image or symbol (often animals) surrounded by a series or pattern of dots. I use a wooden skewer to create my dots.