Katrina Barber
Video self portrait


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The Artist

Katrina’s art practice is directly informed by her experience as a Deaf artist, opening pathways for communication.  Her paintings, sculptural work and installations explore the properties of light, whilst also reflecting her feelings.  Katrina has had several solo exhibitions and has work held in collection at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Artist Statement

Katrina’s video self-portrait was a year in the making.  Katrina was inspired by her love of parties and celebrations.  Katrina’s communicated what she wanted through a combination of signs, pictures and symbols.  She had meetings with other art workers to discuss her ideas.  She then talked to filmmakers Bronwyn and Marlon Edwards who worked in a partnership with her to produce the final product.  This has been Katrina’s dream made into reality.  The ideas and concepts in the video show us the inner, vibrant world Katrina lives in.  Although her world is silent, she lives large and shares her creativity though her art.  Watching the video is in essence, seeing Katrina in a way she would like you to know her – full of fun, laughter and creativity.