Poppet’s Out

Madi Tiger White


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The Artist

Madi Tiger White is a student artist who resides in Perth’s foothills area. Madi is proud of her mixed Yamatij, European heritage. She is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses art and creativity as a healing outlet for her depression and anxiety.

Poppet, whom she describes as her ‘emotional support bird’ x features in most of her works.

Artist Statement

Every artist needs a muse. Mine is my pet bird Poppet. Poppet is an Eastern Corella parrot. He has a larger than life personality, so I have immortalised him in a large scale cardboard  sculptural portrait.

I stripped back cardboard box core to create texture for this feathers and used thin brown paper to capture the crepe of his eye bags. Poppet has quite a good vocabulary, including his trademark phrase ‘Poppet’s Out’ which he announces regularly as the fee ranges around our yard.

I am a Cert 4 visual art student and this was my first attempt at a cardboard sculpture. The jaw is articulated.