Prompt #20 - Breakdown

Lillee Wakefield
Unframed colour photography


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The Artist

Lillee Wakefield is a mixed media artist focusing on areas within printmaking and sculptural installation. She has always had an interest in art and often found it was the best way to express herself and her disabilities. She has an intellectual labelled 'Global Learning and Developmental Delays', which includes a low IQ. In this light Wakefield believes that her disability is more of an ability as it causes her way of thinking and processing information to be largely different to others. Wakefield enjoys finding ways to intertwine all aspects of her life into her art making, including personal and social.

Artist Statement

"Prompt #20 - Breakdown" is one aspect of the body of work I created for my graduate exhibition. The ideas behind the body of work is to use prompts in a guided way to portray the more whimsical side of my intellectual disability, and how my brain processes information.

This prompt came to me as I was helping my friend with her photographs. She was having trouble with the lighting and having a bit of a breakdown over the stress that it was causing her. So, I came down to help and cheer her up. While working out the spacing we took this set of photos of me pulling funny poses and making us laugh. It wasn't until we saw the aftermath of photos that we understood I was creating some powerful photography that not only displayed how I am as a friend but also the way my disability can affect and enhance my friendships.