Second Skin

WWDA Youth Picks
Sam King
Resin sculpture, mixed-medium


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The Artist

I’m a stopmotion animator, dollmaker & mixed media artist working out of regional NSW.

My work celebrates the kitsch and creepy, focusing heavily on escapism, fictional identity, self acceptance and sapphic humour thru bright colours and bold forms.

Artist Statement

This body of work explores escapism & identity thru sculpture, photography, photo manipulation & social media.

Second Skin exists in parallel of my own journey of self-acceptance with body image, living with disability and my own queer identity. I've found the project totally freeing in helping me realise I'm not the sum of my parts- by taking on a new form and putting distance between my body and my sense of self I’ve learned to accept and be kind to myself.  I am empowered, I deserve to be seen.