Self Portrait

Claire Clarke
Watercolour pencils, water and permanent marker on watercolour paper


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The Artist

Claire is a larger than life woman with Down Syndrome who lives in supported living in Central Victoria. Claire has the ability to light up a room when she enters it with her gorgeous smile and warm personality. Claire has a great love and appreciation of art and music, and is a passionate dancer and performer. Claire is known to get up and dance anywhere/anytime when she hears a song she likes, especially Michael Jackson, Queen or Abba!

Artist Statement

Claire enjoys working in any medium. She is always encouraged to try and experiment with different techniques and mediums. Claire mostly works with acrylic and pastels. Claire likes recreating/interpreting pictures and art from books, magazines and the internet. Claire is drawn to using bright and cheerful colours when when depicting macabre themes (Claire loves horror). Claire practices her art nearly every single day - participating in many different art groups across the Bendigo area.