The Autistic Alien

Laura Lewis
Watercolours, alcohol ink, acrylic and Posca pen on watercolour paper A3


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The Artist

I was diagnosed with autism at 50 and then an ADHD diagnosis followed. It was a welcome diagnosis as I parent an autistic 19 year old and have raised him aligned with the social model of disability. I have already had a private hearing with the Disability Royal Commission. I’m passionate about how bullying is managed in schools, improving the complaints process with the Education Department, inclusion in our communities and workplaces. My art depicts how I have felt my whole life. I have felt like an alien who does not fit in anywhere. I have felt invisible. My neurodivergent emergence has helped me find my kin. Helped me understand the how’s and why’s of some social situations. I’m not there yet. The silver represents my mask fading away but glowing, also in my quest to shine a light on the need for earlier and affordable diagnostic processes.  

Artist Statement

I began creating art January 2020 after an ADHD diagnosis and beginning medication. I like to create unconventional art using a layer of many mediums. My art can be satirical at times. I have no training and break all the rules.