Those Boots

Melinda Smith
Acrylic paint medium on art paper for acrylic


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The Artist

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Artist Statement

I am a Visual Artist living with a physical disability. I feel proud and passionate whenever I am in my art space or my zone as I sometimes call it. I paint, photograph and I dance. I am also a published writer and story teller. All my art mediums are equally important to me. Each piece of my work is an expression of who I am and how I view the world around me. I am a committed communicator, educator and advocate in disability rights and fairness. I love explore all these areas, when I am making art at all times.

Those Boots – I was inspired to work on a piece that is part of my walking journey. I have a love for boots that help me to feel my feet and encourage me to walk with my amazing walking frame. Doing this painting invited me to connect with so many areas of my life, including dance and music.