You Shape Us

Highly Commended Entrants Across all Categories
Fiona McIntosh
Paper collage with digital edits


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The Artist

Hi. I’m from Canberra, Australia. I enjoy creating surreal collage in paper and digital formats.   My art depicts themes of creativity theory, empathy, living with mental illness, and stigma. I am currently working on a collection exploring the theme of anosognosia (lack of insight) and the resulting stigma.  

I have a passion for inclusion, community development and creativity. I have 25+ years experience in NGOs and local government developing policy and programs that create opportunities for people to contribute and feel like they belong in work, school and community life.

My latest creative endeavour is developing and illustrating a game that helps players to increase their creative skill and experience of inclusion beyond the game experience -

Artist Statement

This surreal collage depicts women’s leadership through everyday creativity.  We don’t have to be in a leadership position to have an impact in our communities.  When we take courageous leaps and seek opportunities to imagine and create with others, we can shape the world around us in ways more profound than we can imagine.

Originally this was developed as a portrait of my creative self .  The leap is about having courage to create in the face of the unknown. The skull is a reminder that life is short but our creativity outlasts all of us.  The cupcakes are about celebrating and sharing our creative efforts, no matter how small.  The trains and boats represent the need to travel globally with our minds to look for creative solutions to the problems we face together.

‘You shape us’ recognises that every person can have an impact on their local and global community.