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Bernadette's Story



Illustration of Bernadettte's experiences in healthcare.

In 1992, a bout of meningitis and encephylitis left  Bernadette (B) with an acquired brain injury (ABI).  She is still discovering many of the manifestations and consequences of this.  B is also still learning about people’s perceptions of her and the ABI. This ranges from those who wrongly believe she no longer has any capacity, to those who wrongly believe she does not have a disability.

B has concern for the broad band of disability rights, including advocating for proper accommodation for people with high needs disabilities. These people are often left to the vagaries of hotel or aged care facilities, rather than accommodation that provides for their needs. She also has an interest in the interface of nature and good health (both mental and physical).

Illustration of boots by bernadette with text: 'Doctor's false reporting on some of te things they said i Wouldn't be able to do: 1. Doctor to my parents while I was in a coma: 'She'll probably never walk again....' watch me..... 2. Doctor, 'You'll never re-train your short term memory. You won't even be able to work in a shop. You'l never remember where you're up to in the transaction.' ....... watch me......3. Doctor to me friends and family while I was in a coma, 'She won't remember you...' ... watch me.... 'Sally how are you?' .....Them: 'Yay she deos remember us!!!!!' Me: 'What the...? Of course i remember you!''
Image above: Illustration by Bernadette.

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