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Dream On



A poem about romance and disability.

To touch is constant and vital
The excited, quickened breath
Anxiously awaiting for your call
Undeniable, true life emotions.

Romantically inclined phrases
Sounding like love catch words
To endear, to catch a love one
Dream on, but please beware.

Obsessive Compulsive lives
Constant touching, counting
Breathing anxiously, true life
A devious disability calling.

No romantic interlude, not this
OCD, catches my fighting will
With repeated word phrases
Inclined to break my mind.

I can, I will, silly catch words
Pretending to be so normal
Sucking my energy complete
Coping, managing, barely.

Emotions, impulses undenied
Frustrating, even in dreams
Disabled, unendeared word
Be aware of the differences.

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Life Choices
Taking Part
Sex and Your Body
Safety and violence
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