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I Don’t Want To Play


Cherie Wells

A poem about living with chronic illness and disability.

I am tired of this disease I have
I wish it would go away
I am tired of this disease I have
I am tired and I don’t want to play
It robs you of your freedom
It makes you very weary
I feel I am a prisoner too this disease
And it ‘s making my life quite dreary
I try real hard to keep my spirits up
And most of the time I do win
But just when you’re not expecting it
Your meds don’t work and it throws you into a spin
I’m tired of this disease I have
I wish it would go away
I would love to feel normal again
Even if it was just for one day
I could do all the wonderful things I miss
I could buy myself some beautiful shoes
The ones that have high heels
And I would walk around in them all day
Ah, that would be absolute bliss
I could go dancing and do a great cha-cha
Now that’s something I would really love to do
I could pretend I was Ginger Rodgers
Well maybe not, that might be going a bit too far
I could take my grandson to the park
And play with him all day
But I have to leave time for other things
Like jogging, I miss that, cause now I look quite funny
If you have ever seen a Parkinson person run
You would know why I miss running
Oh well, I could dream like this all day
But it is not going to get me too far
Because you can wish all you want
But dreams are just what they are
And I have to get back to reality
Because there are dishes in the sink
And I can’t sit here dreaming all day
Cause in the real world it doesn’t get you anywhere
Dreaming just makes you think
Of what your missing out on
And I have to get on with what I can do
Not live in a world of make believe
To myself I must be true.

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