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Perfect Dreaming


Cherie Galbraith

A poem about dreaming.

When I lay sleeping in my bed
I go to far away places in my head
To a time when my body was not always moving
To a beat of it’s own
I look like I’m grooving
But in my dreams I can be anyone I please
And never have I dreamt that I have this disease
I’m usually gorgeous with long flowing hair
And a body so beautiful that makes men stop and stare
But when I’m awake
The truth is not so glamorous
I’m not really any of that and the men not so amorous
I don’t have an hourglass figure
Or long golden locks
And I don’t go to parties in sparkling frock’s
Cause I’m a person with Parkinson’s
And my night times are spent
Usually sitting at home watching T.V
But I’m fairly content
Because I have a wonderful family and beautiful friends
And I try to stay positive as much as I can
And as my dear old Dad said
Beauty comes from within
So if that is the case
An inner beauty contest I surely could win.

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