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The Midnight Quiet


Cherie Wells

A poem about the calm of the night.

Long nights, sleepless nights, every night’s the same
The nothingness of the sounds in my room
Is driving me insane
If only I could fall asleep and clear out my mind
But sleep doesn’t come easily and morning is counting away the time
So I while away the midnight quiet wishing it was morn
To fall asleep when I feel it’s safe
Usually at dawn
I loathe the solitude that my life has become
Trapped in a body that is wasting away
Nothing anyone can do, nothing anyone can say
So I endure once again the midnight quiet
Waiting for sleep to release me from the pain
Of not only from the disease I have
But the pain of being alone in this silent room
This noiseless nothingness is filling up my brain
With thoughts of darkness and sorrow
Thoughts of no tomorrow
No more midnight quiet’s
No more loathing of this solitude
And sadly no more pain.

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Life Choices
Taking Part
Sex and Your Body
Safety and violence
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