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Ruthie Hayward



Ruthie Hayward

A powerful poem by the 13 year old disability blogger and activisit, Ruthie Hayward.

Content Warning: This poem discusses experiences of disability discrimination




They label me,
categorically organise me,
They place me in the suffocating box afar from my reality,
They are afraid of my definition chains,
of my difference from the norm in our corrupt society,

Their propaganda says we aren’t pure and idealistic perfection,
So we are to blame for their criminal inflictions,
That we brought it on ourselves,

The knife of their cuts, their first weapon of choice,
Some are stranded- without a voice,
Alone and abandoned by our leaders,
A running man without sneakers,

How on earth did they get power,
And when so many are suffering in the darkest hours,
The hardships my community face,
Well, we can’t keep up with you sick game of chase,

They will continue to label me,
To categorically organise me,
They will carry on to place me in the suffocating box afar from my reality,
They still are afraid of my definition chains,
Of my differences,
Of what makes me me,
The D word,

And you have no idea,
Because of them,
You have no idea.

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This story is tagged under:

Life Choices
Taking Part
Sex and Your Body
Safety and violence

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