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October 6, 2021

Where There is Life

Cherie Galbraith

Where There is Life


Cherie Galbraith

A poem about not giving up.

I’m sitting at my computer
Bored as bored can be
What can I do to amuse myself?
Now let me see
Shall I go see a movie?
Now that might be fun
But I don’t have any money
So there goes plan number one
Maybe I can go for a walk
But the sun is high above
And it is very hot today
And the heat I do not love
Okay there goes plan number two
What can I think of next?
Maybe I could watch T.V
But it ‘s Sunday and all you get is re-runs
Oh I’m feeling quite perplexed
So I’ll go and have a nanna nap
As I’m feeling rather weary
And anyway I’ve had enough of this day
It has been awfully dreary
But tomorrow is another day
And I’ll have to get up off my butt
And make plans to do something good
As I don’t want to get into a rut
Cause being a person with Parkie
Can make life a little rough
But it’s up to me to keep busy
And challenge the things that are tough
And sometimes I will make a blue
But quite often I have a win
Nothing’s going to keep this lady down
I’ll take the good and bad
Cause at least I’m still breathing
And that’s got to make you grin.

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Life Choices
Taking Part
Sex and Your Body
Safety and violence

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