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Real stories

Content warning: this posts includes references to extreme medical situations and dying

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Slightly Awkward Parenting – I’ve got this!

Being a slightly awkward human and a disabled parent are integral and wonderful parts of who I am.

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Disability Employment Protest

Maria Scharnke talks about her experience of education and employment and what needs to change now.

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My Journey of Education and Volunteering

A story about life-long learning, volunteering and leadership.

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Loud and Proud

A story about Mary-Anne's experience of advocating for herself as a person with disability.

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Visually impaired but will never lose sight of what’s important.

A story about navigating life with vision impairment and not holding back.

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Empowering for Life

Kerryn Burgoyne

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Conversations on COVID – Challenging Ableist Thinking Through Disability Leadership

A story about being immunocompromised during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Incontinence: Two Views

A conversation between two women about incontinence.

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Our Site Real Stories is a place for the Our Site audience and WWDA members to connect, share, and learn more about each other. If you are a woman, girl, or gender diverse person with disability and have a story to share, please send your pitch to oursite@wwda.org.au. Your pitch should be between 50-100 words describing your story and how you would like to share it.

We strongly encourage submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, other Black and Brown voices, people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, people with experiences of incarceration or institutionalisation, LGBTIQA+ people and people with intellectual disability. WWDA will be reserving space for these voices.

Our Site believes strongly in paying women and gender-diverse people for their work and as such, can offer $100 for you to share your story.

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